Notes & Notices



“Gorgeous prints… a truly, substantial body of work.”

-Keith Davis, Hallmark Collection

Brown has succeeded in finding inspiring perspectives and engaging pleasures in subjects and settings that are ostensibly limited. In doing so, he's captured images that hold surprises lurking beneath and peaking out between shadows and light.





“I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to let you know that your two photographs were approved for acquisition by our Board of Trustees.”


Amy Duke, Registrar

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art



We see them every day -- landmarks, buildings, fountains, architectural details. We see them and we don’t see them. We become blind to the things closest to us. Sometimes it takes another’s viewpoint, such as that of photographer Richard Lotman Brown, to show us a whole new way of looking at our world -- or our city.


-Kansas City Magazine, Feature




[ I am in receipt of ] your handsome portfolio, with examples of your exquisite work.


-James R. Borynack, Chairman, CEO, Wally Findlay Galleries (Letter)





Your eye for design, composition and detail are very fine. There is a pleasing delicacy and strength to the black and whites. I am particularly drawn to the photographs of architectural details that you capture, so well, in the frame. The minimalism, of many of the images, is appealing.


-Sandra Berler, Artists’ Representative, Chevy Chase, Maryland, (Letter)




I just looked through your pictures, on the site, and they are fantastic.


- Brud Jones, (Past) President, Society of Contemporary Photography, (eMail)




What a wonderful article in Shutterbug. Thank you for mentioning the [Epson] 7600, as part of your process.


- Ahmet Karadayi, Supervisor of Customer Relations, Epson America (Letter)




“How wonderful. You really are a prince and a man of your word. The photo is marvelous and we are pleased to have such a thoughtful piece. Is it possible for us to work out making postcards for sale using this image?”


-Betty Crow - Mutual Musicians Foundation, (eMail)


Just a short note, to let you know, your photograph went to a very appreciative person. It is a beautiful image and looks wonderful in my home.


Wesley Crosby





“Incredible work, it is truly stunning.”


-Kelly Tooms, DDS (eMail)




“I’ve heard from other photographers that there’s no need for me to look at your work. You are a well established and highly esteemed photographer and we’d be very happy to have you as a featured artist in an upcoming art show.”


-John Scott - Scott Fitness, Owner/Curator of Art Space (eMail)


 Your work is so good it should be shared.
-Barbara E Miller - Director Photography Society of America

Astounding work.  I noticed the power of the polo photo as soon as I entered…Your architectural work is just as well done.
-Paul Dorrell, Author/ President, Leopold Gallery, Kansas City, MO.